Reverse Osmosis Water Filters


How do RO Systems work

Reverse osmosis water filters are composed of a series of pre-filters, an RO membrane, and a holding tank for the filtered water. The pre-filters are used to remove a large amount of contaminants before the water reaches the RO membrane. The semi-permeable RO membrane is used to filter the remainder of the contaminants in the water. Pure water passes easily through the membranes and into a pressurized holding tank where it can then be delivered to your counter top. The particles that are too big to pass through the membrane are filtered out to flow down a drainage pipe. Even though RO filters use a self-cleaning system, it is necessary to change the pre-filters as well as the RO membrane at regular intervals to insure the integrity of the system.

Practical Applications

RO systems are an excellent choice for the pre-treated municipal water system of Phoenix, Arizona. RO systems function well for almost all home water treatment needs. It also is the preferred method of treating water for industrial buildings, hotels, and restaurants. Many bottled water companies use reverse osmosis water filters for their primary water filtering systems. RO systems are generally the best filtration option for homes in agricultural areas, where the nitrite levels in the water are high.

Water Filtration

We can see then that water filtration is something that can still add health benefits even to municipal water supplies. There are many filters on the market but none with the performance of an RO system. Call us at (602) 462-5300 or contact us today to find out about having an RO system installed in your home today.