Water Quality

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water in lab glasswareWhat is your water quality like?
With the many harmful chemicals and additives in water today, finding pure drinking water may seem challenging. Though tap water is certified safe to drink, consumers know that impurities still exist, a fact which is sometimes self-evident from the unpleasant taste of municipal water. If you doubt this fact, pick up the report issued by the local office charged with keeping water contaminants within EPA approved limits – the actual “purity” of your drinking water may shock you. While home filtration is an option, and filters are available on the market in an abundance never before seen, it can be difficult to determine the quality filters from the inferior ones. If you are especially concerned with additives like fluoride for example, only expensive water distillation systems are capable of removing such a compound. The good news is you now have a third option. Bottled water delivery is available for your home to use, with clean great tasting water guaranteed in every mouthful.

If your family is seeking out a solution for your water needs, bottled water delivery may be the answer. Bringing this necessary commodity right to your door will save you from wasting gas and time. Additionally, many services now offer individual size bottles in packs of 24, which will allow your family to take healthy water with them on the go. If you’d rather have cold water on tap, you can opt for the larger five gallon bottles, which will ensure you always have enough water on hand.

With recommendations from physicians calling for 8-10 glasses of water a day for optimum health, it is important to stay hydrated to feel your best. However, drinking less than ideal water may not benefit you as much as you’d like. So, if you are looking for a healthy and convenient way to get the water you need, give bottled water delivery a try and quench your thirst right!