Custom Label Water Bottles

Custom Label or Private Label bottled water is a phenomenal addition to any marketing strategy.  Most of us have received a complimentary bottle of water in our travels; a meeting, a waiting room, or an event just to name a few. Many businesses miss an opportunity by handing out water they purchased off the shelf.

Having your logo and company information on the label instead can be a powerful tool for one simple reason; unlike other promotional or marketing items, everyone drinks water! Custom label bottled water is a very cost effective way to brand, market or promote your business.

People tend to carry a bottle of water around in their hand, so not only is your brand in the hand of the person that received the bottle, it’s in front of everyone else they’re around to see it too. They are in effect, advertising for you, getting into the subconscious mind of potential customers or clients.

White Water ships cases of custom label bottled water all over the nation and offers a wide range of quality products and services at surprisingly cost effective rates. Just let us know how many cases you need, where to ship, if you need the graphics or you already have them and we’ll have a quote to you in no time.

Start branding and marketing your business, event or special occasion with custom label bottled water today. For more information, fill out the contact form or call White Water at (602) 462-5300 now.