Top five occasions to have custom label water bottles on the tables

water bottle gifCustom label water bottles are a great way to promote any names or companies during an event. Not only is it simple but it’s a relatively inexpensive addition for easy marketing. These events listed are some of the best ways to use custom label water bottles as an accent and conversation piece.

1. Weddings

Everyone needs water at the table for drinking and to take with them after the reception. A nice “take-home” item to place on the table would be the new name of the new Mr. and Mrs. right on the water bottle. It’s easy and will draw attention. Not many people have thought of this idea and that’s what makes it unique.

2. Corporate Events

When launching a new product, a new business line, or just representing yourself – a great way to engage fellow listeners during a presentation is to provide them with custom label bottled water on the tables so that it will be visible and a name or suggestion they won’t forget. Every time they take a drink of water, they will see the name.

3. Baby Shower

What an exciting way to show off your baby’s name! By putting the name on custom label bottled water, your guests will be able to see the name and be excited about the way you told them all. It’s a great way to announce to everyone who the new addition is. You could even put “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl” captions. With custom labels, you have the freedom to adhere any caption you’d like.

4. Charity Events & Fundraisers

Whether it is a marathon, a charity walk/run, or just a fundraising event –  bottled water can be used to provide for the staff and volunteers while representing the cause at the same time. The runners will be unmistakable while they are being hydrated with custom-labeled bottles.

5. Birthday Parties

Not only will it be surprising to guests to see custom labels of the birthday boy or girl at the party, but it’ll be a fun idea for everyone. Kids will feel special with their name and birthday on water bottles – like someone specially made them to honor their birthday.

No matter what the occasion, custom labels on water bottles can be used for practically any party or engagement. They can say anything from “congratulations!” to “happy birthday” and the possibilities don’t end with greetings.

We’re sure that the five occasions we’ve mentioned here are the tip of the iceberg and we’d be interested in how you think you’d use them, so let us know. You never know if there could be a prize for the most innovative! 🙂