Distilled water – why it’s good for your health

distilled water delivery

Families who are concerned with healthy living often look for healthy alternatives. Distilled water is a common choice for people concerned with drinking healthy water, foregoing municipal tap water.

One of the biggest reasons people turn to distilled water for their families is because the process of boiling the water removes contaminants. You would be surprised at how many harmful substances are found in tap water. Distilling the water eliminates fungi, bacteria and toxins you do not want to drink.

Municipal water from the tap is also known for its chemical content. Even if you filter your tap water, you are unable to eliminate most of the impurities. Distilled water is free of chlorine, which is found in tap water to eliminate bacteria. Unfortunately, drinking too much chlorine from tap water can actually poison you. You will not find any additives in distilled water, unlike water from the city that may include fluoride and calcium. In addition, the calcium added to tap water can cause kidney stones to form inside your body, creating other health problems. The fluoride additive can also cause discoloration of the teeth. Avoiding tap water can reduce your chances of experiencing these and other side effects.

When you feel your body yearning for a taste of cold water, you should feel safe reaching for that glass of distilled water. Drinking water should purify and hydrate your body, not contaminate it. By drinking water free of bacteria and other contaminants, you are doing a great service for your body and health by drinking your eight to ten glasses a day.