Water Delivery Phoenix


The weather is heating up here in Phoenix. That means we’ll be losing more fluids everyday as our bodies work to keep us cool by sweating. Getting a water delivery Phoenix package could be the most cost effective way for you to ensure you have clean, fresh, pure water for you and your family.

drinking-water.jpg (424×283)We all know that we need to drink more as the weather heats up.  Sadly, most of us prefer soda’s and some of us prefer ‘sports drinks’ that tempt us by extolling their virtues as an energy or health boost.

The real truth is that clean, fresh, pure water is what our body needs for optimum efficiency.

It is also sad but true that many of us dislike the taste of the municipal water, not just here in Phoenix, but in many cities across the country. So sometimes we buy water filters, just for our drinking water. However, problems can occur as this report by the UK government will explain.

It’s not that water filters are bad for us, just that we need to be aware of their limitations. After all, we use tap water to make coffee and tea, cook with and more. We use it to bathe in and wash our clothes, drinking water for our our pets or water the plants.

A water filter isn’t going to be efficient for all of those things. Having water delivered is a good option for those who don’t want to go to the expense of having a filter system installed for the entire household.

Water Delivery

If you live in valley that encompasses all of Phoenix and it’s outlying cities such as Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Glendale, Scottsdale, Surprise and Cave Creek, you can get fresh pure bottled water delivered direct to your door.

We provide a water cooler and we don’t tie you to a contract. 5 gallon water bottles are our most popular and economic size to have delivered. We also have 3 gallon bottles for the cooler, not to mention 2 1/2 and 1 gallon bottles for your family, however the 5 gallon option is the best option for most when you want water delivered to your home anywhere in the Phoenix area.

This gives you the ability to use bottled water in making hot and cold drinks as well as your cooking. Our water (so our customers tell us) tastes great and because you’re not tied to a contract you can try it for yourself to experience great tasting water delivered to your home in Phoenix.

There are many water delivery companies in Arizona, so why choose White Water LLC as your water delivery company?

  • No commitment
  • Free Water Cooler
  • Family run company
  • Great tasting water
  • Affordable rates
  • Excellent Customer Service

But perhaps the most important of all is that we simply care. We’re small enough to take a personal interest in ensuring that all of our customers are happy with our service, yet big enough to produce affordable bottled water and deliver it to your home or office virtually anywhere in the Valley.

Take a look at how we helped bring water to those in need during the heat of the Phoenix summer.

Give us a call now at 602-462-5300 to order water delivery in the Greater Phoenix Area for you and your family.