Staying Hydrated In Arizona Takes More Than Just Drinking Water

Water should always be at your disposal when you need it. This is especially true for us that live in Phoenix and other Arizona cities. The Arizona heat is no joke during the summer months, so we took the initiative to build the first Hydration Rescue trucks in the valley. Our fleet of Arizona water trucks will deliver and bring hydration to you. You will never have to leave the cool, air-conditioned house again. Call us today for our current delivery rates or read more about our water delivery here.


How to Stay Hydrated in Arizona

Staying hydrated in the Arizona climate is definitely a challenge but most importantly a necessity. When out of towners come to move to Arizona for the first time, they really have no clue how much water their body goes through until they spend time outdoors. Even for minutes at a time, the sun here will literally suck all of the moisture from your body. You can feel the dehydration take a hold of you when you experience a migraine, dizziness or fatigue.

We’ve all heard it said that if you become thirsty in the desert, it’s already too late! The best advice to give someone is to have a water cooler or reverse osmosis system installed in their home. It becomes too much of a hassle of running to the store every week to stock up on water bottles because the average person can easily consume up to 8 bottles or more of water which equates to a 24 pack in 3-4 days. Good luck with that!

For that reason, It’s become pretty common to see water coolers installed in Arizona homes. With water coolers, you can have clean, water nearby at all times making it much easier to manage your hydration levels. It also motivates the people nearby to drink more water because its more interactive than running to the faucet. The 5 gallon bottles that come with it can easily be stacked up in the garage or storage room and hold enough water to supply the family for weeks. If this is too much for you and you prefer the sink to obtain your water, look into our reverse osmosis filter systems that hook up to your existing sinks around the house. It’s a perfect solution for those who prefer to avoid plastic bottles.

Arizona Tap Water

It’s easy to conclude that Arizona tap water is not the best tasting water around. When you expose yourself to city water, you take the risk of contaminating yourself with the toxins that are found in it. Chlorine, arsenic, fluoride and other harmful chemicals have been found in tap water. Our water filters remove all of those toxins that might be present. All that’s left is tasty and healthy drinking water for you and your family.

In most areas across the United States, dehydration is an inconvenience and can easily be solved. In Arizona, water is a lifeline and you really have to pay attention to how much water you drink. During the summer months, you MUST take water with you everywhere. If you break down on the freeway, don’t count on someone stopping to help you. You must plan to bring water with you accordingly, so don’t leave the house without it!  I also suggest keeping an umbrella in your car, too. Shade is even more scarce than water here in the Arizona desert. Believe me, shielding yourself from the sun makes a huge difference!