How to Recycle Plastic Water Bottles Properly

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Recycling plastic water bottles is an essential gesture to apply everyday. It is important to know the do’s and don’ts of how to recycle to make sure we maintain a healthy ecosystem for generations  to come. Refilling a water bottle, whether that be stainless steel or a BPA free bottle, is always our recommended choice for sustainable water consumption. However, there are many times when this isn’t possible and you must turn to the single-serve plastic water bottles to satisfy your thirst. Some people choose the taste of plastic bottles over tap water and we understand the needs of everyone. If handled properly, this option can be a viable beverage choice and keep landfills and oceans free of plastic water bottles.

There are over a billion of water bottles used every year throughout the world. However, only a small fraction of them are recycled properly. Water bottles are easily recyclable and can be melted down into plastic pellets, which are then sold to companies to produce carpets, clothing, and furniture. Plastics are important to businesses and sustainable life around the world. To assure you are properly recycling your single-use water bottles please follow these tips:


Put the water bottle cap back on after consuming.

Most people forget that recycling can only be done in most municipalities if they include the lid on the water bottle. Separated caps can reek havoc on equipment sending them to the landfill and causing production to come to a halt. To prevent this from happening, please replace the cap once you have finished.

Crush your bottle.

Bottles must be crushed and all of the air removed. Be sure to replace the cap back on after you have done this. This causes more space to be saved at the processing facility, reducing the need for expansion.

Do not rinse thoroughly.

You don’t need to spend extra time rinsing out bottles that might have some liquid inside of them. Just make sure they’re empty and that you place them in a recycling bin.

No bags please!

Most people make the common mistake of bagging their water bottles and other plastics. Bagged items prevent the process from being completed and adds an extra step to the recycle process. Please place the water bottles in a recycling bin or bin free of any confinements.

Recycle the outer packaging.

If you buy plastic water bottles from the store, they usually have a plastic outer wrapper that holds them in place.  Please separate this from the plastic bottles being recycles. The plastic film can be dropped off at participating grocery stores such as Fry’s and Safeway to be processed along with any other plastic grocery bags or packaging.

Think of your plastic bottles as starting its life once you consume it. It wants to do more in its life than end up straight in a landfill or on the side of the street. If you start recycling, you will feel much better about yourself and the environment. At the rate we are throwing away unnecessary plastics, we are heading for uncharted danger. Lets show the world that we can live a better life by just taking a few minutes out of our day to recycle for future generations.