The Effects of Soda on Women’s Health

According to a recent poll done by Harvard, half the people in the U.S. consume soda or other sugary drinks, 1 in 4 get at least 200 calories from such drinks; and 5% get at least 567 calories—equivalent to four cans of soda.

Soda Has No Nutrients or Health Benefits

It shouldn’t come to any surprise that soda is detrimental to our health and is filled with sugar that causes insulin spikes, weight gain and risk of diabetes. We all know this, so why not drink diet soda? Well, believe it or not it actually might be worse for you. Diet sodas contain aspartame that basically destroys your brain and leads to other long-term health problems. It’s an artificial sugar that contains lower calories than real sugar, so soda companies can label it “diet,” and consumers think it’s healthier. Either way, high consumption of soda is associated with obesity and increased blood pressure. The list goes on and on.

Consuming pop can have a vast impact on one’s health. A few health effects from drinking pop can lead to:

•  Dissolving tooth enamel
•  Heart disease
•  Obesity
•  Diabetes
•  Asthma
•  Dry skin

While the above health effects affect everyone, women are more vulnerable to an array of health risks.

How Soda Affects Women

More women consume soda to satisfy their “sweet tooth” and it’s been seen that soda has particularly damaging effects on women than men – even if it’s diet. With the recent studies that have been done, correlations of health risk connected with women have been discovered

•  Premature aging and wrinkled skin
•  Phosphoric acid leading to Osteoporosis
•  Lowered fertility in reproductive system
•  Irregular heart beat caused by high potassium levels



Drink Water with Lunch or Dinner

This is why it’s so important to take the initiative and trade that soda out for water. If you’re a regular pop drinker, it may be hard to quit right away, but having the easy access to a water cooler or purified water may make it easier.

Next time you’re thinking about reaching for a soda bottle, reevaluate and choose White Water. We have many products that can help quench your soda cravings including our very own private labeled water; alkaline and purified water or install a reverse osmosis system in your home today to enjoy fresh-tasting water year-round.