5 Clear Signs of Dehydration That Aren’t Related to Thirst

If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. It’susually the easiest and most simple signal that you need to hydrate.

Dehydration occurs when the body is losing more fluid than it’s taking in. According to Robert Segal, M.D., founder and medical director of LabFinder, “it can happen with exercise, illness that causes diarrhea or vomiting and loss of heat in the body.”

Did you know that dehydration can lead to some pretty serious problems? Driving while dehydrated can take atoll on your motor functions such as braking too late or drifting, as recorded by a 2015 study through Loughborough University. You’re athletic performance takes a hit as well. That’s why athletes need to be hydrating at all times.

When the weather is warm, like it is all year in Phoenix, Arizona, you need to be overly cautious about your water consumption. Chances of dehydration can increase swiftly. When the weather is colder, remember to wear multiple layers, but it might also be hard to keep hydration in mind. Here’s some benefits on working out when it’s cold outside.

If you don’t remember to hydrate or supply your body with enough fluids, you are reducing the functionality of every system in our body.

Remember that everyone is different and things like diet and activity level have an impact on how much water your body needs daily. Here are five signs that your body might be dehydrated.

sweating dehydration sign dizzy

Your Muscles Cramp

When you lose fluid, your brain nerve signals don’t work very well, Dr Segal explains. It’s easier for muscles to react by cramping, especially in the legs.

Also, when your losing a lot of fluids by exercising, you’re creating an imbalance of electrolytes like sodium and potassium in your muscles. This contributes to a higher odds of cramping up and next-day soreness.

You Start Craving Candy and Sweets

Organs, like your liver, use water to function, Dr. Segal says. One of those important tasks is releasing glycogen, the molecule that stores sugar.

If the liver can’t get its fuel, it cannot release the energy it stores. What do we do to replace it? By eating. Sweet foods are very attractive in this case. So cravings for desserts or sugary drinks could be a sign of dehydration instead of being hungry. We also recommend drinking a glass of water before a meal. This will help you eat less and make sure you are properly hydrated beforehand.

You Feel Dizzy or Nauseous

A huge role in hydration’s job is to regulate blood pressure. When you’re lacking fluids, your blood pressure tends to be lower. This can cause dizziness and lightheadedness, according to David Gruener, M.D. head physician at NYC Surgical Associates.

He goes on to add that dehydration can affect the vestibular system which is responsible for your balance. With the blood pressure lowering, you can feel cases of vertigo and even feel off balance.

You Pee Less or It’s Yellow

If you haven’t emptied your fluid boxes in awhile, that could be a clear sign of dehydration. When you don’t have anything coming out or going in that isn’t a good sign.

If haven’t peed in over 5 hours, you are most likely dehydrated. You should be going every three to four hours according to Albert Ahn, M.D., clinical instructor of internal medicine at NYU Langone Health.

If your body isn’t getting rid of toxins as quickly as it should that could potentially be dangerous. Your body may even be developing kidney stones, a condition in which dehydration often plays a  major factor adds Dr. Segal.

You Are Constipated

You may be peeing normally but how is your digestive system doing? Keeping your intestines and stomach properly hydrated can give your poop enough moisture to pass out easily.

Your stool tells you a lot about your body. If you are having a difficult time letting it out, it’s time to drink more water or take a fiber pill to aid in digestion.

It can be painful and sometimes frustrating. In addition, constipation can lead to more issues such as hemorrhoids.

working out dehydrated

So How Do You Deal with Dehydration?

Most symptoms are pretty mild. They can almost always be eliminated by simply drinking more water. The best advice is to listen to your body and don’t ignore the symptoms mentioned in this article.

If dehydration becomes more severe, it can be life threatening. If you have multiple symptoms at once, it’s important to seek medical treatment right away. You may need to be hooked up to an IV to help in hydration.

We highly recommend water delivery and purchasing a 5 gallon water cooler for your home or office. Having 5 gallon purified water at all times, is crucial for the Arizona heat. Give us a call today so we can get you hydrated!