This Is Why You Should Stop Drinking Sparkling Water

From the flavoring fizz to the zero calories, more and more people are drinking sparkling water. Not only are the celebs loving it (and from the looks of it, everyone you follow on Instagram), but sparkling water companies are promoting it heavily online.

red berry infused sparkling water

With the heavy promotion and the prominent consumption of sparkling H2O all day long, are there any health risks associated with it?

According to Keri Glassman, R.D., founder of, “If you’re choosing sparkling water, make sure it has no sugar or artificial sweeteners in it.” There has been health concerns linked to artificial sweeteners that are in many of the low-calorie beverages out there such as diet soda, juice and coffee. To best ensure your drinks are safe, be sure it doesn’t contain any added ingredients or is using only pure cane sugar.

If you’re wondering if sparkling water leads to obesity, you’re not alone. Newly published in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, the authors found that the carbon dioxide gas in carbonated waters altered levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which can lead to increased appetites and weight gain.

The study concluded by stating that with added sugar, it may be one reason that soda is linked to obesity. However, the study was small and much more research still needs to be done on the topic. If you start to feel different or notice a change in your health, then our advice would be to stop drinking sparkling water altogether.

We offer health concious water at White Water such as electrolyte-enhanced Evolve and our 5 gallon alkaline water. Both are sugar and calorie-free and only contain healthy electrolytes and minerals that will benefit your body.

Due to the carbonation of the bubbles, some people may feel bloated and gassy. According to Glassman, if these symptoms sound familiar, drink less carbonated water and see if your stomach settles over the next few days.

woman drinking sparkling water outside

The other questions around flavored seltzers revolves around the “natural” ingredients that they’re infused with. IF these drinks are unsweetened and calorie-free, it begs the questions: Where is that flavor actually coming from?

Natural doesn’t mean much, according to Glassman. Like with food, you have to worry about the ingredients that are going into your body. Beverages are fun of unhealthy preservatives that can make you feel sluggish and gain weight. Water like soda, can be full of sugar and added flavoring. The best option is to grab plain water and cut your own chunks of fruit to infuse the water, says Glassman.

Our advice is to check the label before you make a purchase. Some may contain sodium, another culprit that can make you feel bloated. Others offer a good source of minerals but may contain added sugars. Give us a call today to see how we can get you back on your health kick moving forward.