5 Reasons Why You Need Labeled Bottled Water

Are you tired of the look of traditional water bottles? Enhance your water bottles with a look that will work to your advantage and entice excitement with custom labeled bottled water from White Water. custom labeled bottled water on desk At White Water, we offer customers the opportunity to submit their own designs, logos and messages to be featured on water bottles. Custom labels are more than just the appearance of the bottle as they can serve a variety of purposes. Read on to get our top 5 reasons why your brand or business should have custom labeled water.

1. Branding Is Key

Branding is the first and most important aspect of any business. If you’re company stocks generic water bottles in the office or conference room, you are missing out on prime opportunities to boost your brand. Utilize this untapped prime real estate to proudly market your brand with custom labeled bottled water! Advertising doesn’t have to be costly or a lengthy process. Putting your logo on a bottle serves as a way to let your employees and customers that you are professional and know how to run a business. Using custom labeled water is a form of mobile marketing and is cost-effective and easy to do. Order your custom labels in bulk and benefit from great savings. The cost isn’t much more than a pack of water at the grocery store. Custom labeled bottles also don’t require complex marketing meetings or contracts that some other water companies charge. You can order it all online without even having to speak to someone. But do know that we are there in case you have any questions along the way. Wedding Water Bottles

2. Celebrate a Wedding or Special Event

The second most popular purchase of custom labeled water is for weddings and special events. Our bottles can be designed to match the decor of a wedding, bachelorette party or a wedding shower. You can add a personal touch with custom labeled bottle water. Add a couple’s engagement photo or personalize it for a friend’s baby shower with the baby’s name or color scheme. The possibilities are truly endless. We believe the perfect way to add a colorful, fun and thoughtful addition to any celebration without going overboard is through custom labeled water. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CUSTOM LABELED WATER

3. Make Water “Cool”

As if water needed to be cool. There are a lot of other water options out there such as sparkling water and coconut water that are advertising as the new and healthy option. In reality, our body needs water no matter what form and added vitamins you put in it. Water is water. However, custom labels can encourage individuals to drink more water in a fun, collective way. You can order bottles with a funny message or catchy phrase to bring to a classroom event, sports practice or birthday party to appeal to kids who choose soda or juice over water. Even gyms and healthcare centers can use unique labels to encourage customers to drink more water to promote good health. Businesses can use company facts or values on the bottles to fit inline with their business models. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LxlVBwwWIM

4. Sports Teams

From professional to club sports, bottled water is great for active teams that want to get in the game. Your next opponent won’t know what’s coming when you show up with branded bottles. They are also a fun way for kids to use while they play sports. advertise on water bottles for business or brand

5. More Effective Than Business Cards

If you think about it, custom labeled bottled water can act like a business card. Instead of leaving a traditional business card with a client or customer, think about how effective a water bottle is with your logo and contact info? That’s why more people are turning to custom bottles to get their message across. You have to get creative to grow your business no matter your industry. Think outside the box and design your business card on a custom labeled bottle today! If you would like to get started on the custom label process, click the button below. We only require a few questions to get you a free quote on the amount you need. GET YOUR FREE QUOTE. CLICK HERE!