How to Cool a Room in Your Home Without Using the A/C

As the summer temperatures keep rising, our homes can offer very little refuge from the oppressive heat and humidity that is outdoors. Sure, all homes in Phoenix are equipped with air conditioners and a/c units, but that comes at a high price. It’s not unusual for electric companies to charge two to three times the usual price because they know you’ll use more electricity during the summer months.

So, why not try some money saving tactics first to see if you can save a few bucks on your next energy bill. We’ve come up with some effective and affordable ways so you don’t always have to rely on a central air-conditioning system or a window A/C unit.

thermostat rising due to the summer months
temperatures are rising in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Windows Let in Most of the Heat

This may seem like an obvious trick, but the very best way to keep your home cool is to open the windows. However, that doesn’t work very well in the Phoenix when temperatures are well past 100 degrees in the summer. Your windows let in the most heat during the day, so the best way to help cool your home down is to shut all the windows that face the east and west. This is where the sun’s solar heat will blaze right through and immediately warm up your home. Closing windows and blinds will help block the sun out, yet still allow fresh, cooler morning air to enter the room.

2. Overhead Insulation

An insulated house is critical at keeping your house at a comfortable temperature all year round. Whether you have to blaze the cold desert mornings in December or the blazing heat of the summer months, it’s important to keep your home sealed at all times.

According to the Insulation Institute, if you live south, you should have about 14 inches of coverage in your attic floor and about 18 inches if you live north. Attic insulation is so important in the summer that it prevents hot attic air from warming the rooms below, which can keep the house cooler and more comfortable.

man using a fan to stay cool in the summer
Young man using a fan to stay cool during the summer months.

3: Fans Definitely Help

Ceiling fans are very effective at keeping rooms cool and they only use one-tenth of the electricity that a typical air conditioner outputs. Did you know a breeze of only one mph will make you feel three degrees cooler? It’s true. Unlike air conditioners, fans cool people not the room air. Just make sure your fan is blowing in the right direction. Most ceiling fans have a switch that can change the direction of the air for the winter and summer months.

If you don’t have a ceiling fan, why not use a portable box fan? It will make the room more comfortable to sit in especially during the long stretches of summer. The best way to make use of a portable fan is to wait until the evenings. You also want to make sure the fans are moving air around the house and are not just hitting a wall.

4.  A Whole Home Solution

There are many quick solutions to keep your home cool during the summer, but have you ever thought of a more permanent solution? We all know an air conditioning unit is the best solution, but it does come at a steep price. Many people are suggesting a whole-house fan.  A whole-house fan can provide the most efficient and quickest way to exhaust hot, humid air from the house. It is usually installed in the ceilings of a stairwell or hallway.

5. Limit Oven Use

There’s no quicker way to heat up the house than to run the oven. So when the long days of summer come, it’s best to avoid the oven altogether. Try grilling your food outside or use a crock pot to cook your food. if you must use an oven, wait until the late evening or very early in the morning, when the house is the coolest.

And lastly, many of the electric companies will let you know the best times to conserve energy, save money and keep cool this summer. There are also many non-traditional plans where you can only use energy at certain times of the day to save money on your bill.

purified water coming out of a water cooler
Premium drinking water coming out of a water cooler.


Maybe You Need A/C

It’s easy to find alternative ways to avoid ways to use the A/C. However, living in Arizona it’s literally impossible to survive without the A/C running. If you need to cool off even further, water delivery makes a great option to avoid leaving your home in the summer. This way you and your family have ice cold drinking water anytime you need it.