How to Avoid Dehydration During the Summer Months

This year it definitely feels like we skipped over spring and went straight into the heat of summer! As the temperatures stay high and the heat runs strong, it’s time to focus on how we can avoid dehydration while staying healthy.
female dehydrated during a run
When dehydration hits, it can cause many symptoms such as headaches and dry skin.
Well, it seems pretty obvious at first on how to stay hydrated – couldn’t you just drink more water? Yes of course, but it’s not always so simple. It’s easy to become dehydrated. This is why it’s important to identify the early symptoms, so you can replenish your body accordingly. Some of the common symptoms of dehydration include:
  • Thirst
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Dizziness

How Much Water Do You Need?

The best way to keep hydrated is to know your best option at prevention. Keeping your body well-balanced with water means that you must drink the daily amount that your body needs. To figure out this number, take half your body weight in-lbs. This is the number of fluid ounces that you should drink daily. For reference, 8 glasses of water are about 64 fl oz.

Replenish What You Lose

Not only should you drink the recommended amount of water, but it’s also easy to lose a lot of that water through sweating in the summer heat. Be conscious of how much you are sweating and drink one or two additional glasses of water when you are outside. Summer months are often enjoyed alongside spritzers and alcoholic beverages. These drinks can deplete the body of liquids and electrolytes quickly, so make sure you have water nearby. We recommend drinking one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume, alternating between each. This will help you stay hydrated and also decreasing the chance of a morning hangover.

Stay Cool During Summer

If you don’t need to be out in the heat, stay indoors where there is an a/c or fan. Limit your time out in the sun because long exposure to the sun can lead to heatstroke. Take proper precautions with adequate water supply. Stay in shaded areas, wear a protective hat, and always use sunscreen. If your body gets sunburnt and dehydrated, use fresh aloe vera after sun exposure. The best advice is to be prepared and to protect yourself from over-heating.
Female grabbing for water in the morning
Keeping water on your nightstand will motivate you to drink a full glass of water upon waking up in the morning.

Go to Bed and Wake Up With Water

Before going to bed, always consume a glass of fresh spring or purified water. It’s easy to get dehydrated during the night as our bodies go 6-8 hours without water. In the morning, consume another glass of water before eating breakfast or coffee. This will also help kickstart your metabolism and wake you up!
berries and fruit infused in water
Berries and fruit-infused in water carry many great health benefits. This also makes drinking water easier for those that don’t like the taste of plain purified water.

Eat the Right Foods

Sometimes, we forget that our food is full of water and actually hydrates us. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of water that boost our health and immune system in so many ways. Make your summer colorful and vibrant by infusing your drinking water with watermelon and berries or use veggies such as cucumbers or celery.

Get Better Tasting Water

Have a tall glass of ice water may sound refreshing in the summer all by itself. However, the natural taste of your water makes all the difference, which is why we have added more options to our delivery service such as Seven Springs water. Fresh and delicious, our spring water makes it easy to stay hydrated and helps the summer months be the best they can be. To experience the great taste for yourself, inquire about our water options and order today!