Custom Labeled Water for Colleges and Universities

People are dehydrated all the time. If we are thirsty it can drain our train of thought and people can’t perform. Custom labeled water bottles for schools, colleges and university are a great way to solve that issue academically. Custom private water is affordable and accessible for all schools. It will help brand your school better and fit right in with the theme.

Custom water has so many valuable uses in schools. You can palace them in school cafeterias, bookstores, student dorms and around campus restaurants. You water bottle can feature your school slogan, promote upcoming events and share inspiring messages or facts about the school for recruiting purposes.

Distribute your custom water at school events. From fall semester to the end of the spring, the school calendar is full of athletic, musical and educational events and fundraisers. Custom label water serves as a healthy reminder of your schools commitment to the community and its support to the student body.

Water bottles are the most cost-effective marketing tools. Water bottles usually find their way home with students, faculty, family and many others that visit your school. It’s a clear choice for easy and cheap marketing.

If you’re interested in private label water fo your school, please fill out the free estimate form here.

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