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Personalized Water Bottles at Resorts and Hotels

Guests usually show up being thirsty when they arrive at a resort hotel. Break the ice at the front desk with refreshing branded water bottles when your guests check in. Complimentary Hotel Water Bottles are great at promoting your business and looking more professional across all areas of your resort.

Guests may stay one night or over several weeks. Through their stay, guests will have all the time in the world to experience the different facilitates that your hotel resort offers. You can impress guests with strategically placed water bottles throughout your property. i.e. the pool, bar and restaurants. You can even put a few out when maids fix up the rooms or at bedside/turn down service.

To finish up a guests stay, try leaving a few personalized water bottles in the cup holder of a departing vehicle at valet. Leaving your guests with some personalized gifts and water will leave a long-lasting impression as your guests travel to their next destination. Your unique water bottles are sure ti impress and customer’s will absolutely love the service you provided.

Our Custom Water Bottles have been successful with national brands such as Hilton, Westin, Hyatt and Embassy Suites. Numerous independent hotels, inn’s and resorts also have had successful water programs.

Please join our wonderful family of hotel resorts by taking 30 seconds to complete the estimate request form (blue button on the left side of the page) and we will show you custom water service with an immediate response.

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