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Custom Labeled Water for Nightclubs

Nightclubs can get pretty sweaty as customers dance the night away. it will leave people feeling a bit thirsty after hours on the dance floor. Don’t hand your customer’s a standard water bottle or make them purchase an expensive Fiji or Smart Water. You may think that looks classy but have you ever thought about custom label bottled water instead? A branded bottle is far more professional and will leave the contact info of their new favorite club. This marketing is far more effective than flyers, business cards or even online ads. We’ve seen a great return rate just by using private label water.

We supply many nightclubs and bars across the country with personalized bottle water. Some have even sold their own branded bottles and in return the costs are cheaper than ordering expensive brands. You’re not only selling water, but a marketing tool that will find its way into the homes of hundreds or even thousands on a given weekend. There are not very many items you can sell that will have the club’s contact info on it. The return on investment is even better than most promotional items.

Tell your friends and family who has the hottest nightclub in town. Get your free private label water quote today!

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