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Reverse Osmosis and Water Softeners

Using tap water over bottled water can be a great way to reduce your plastic usage and safeguard the environment.  However, tap water often contains many chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants that are known to be harmful to your health.  Did you know that the hardness of the water coming from your tap can cause major damage your appliances and fixtures over time, as well as leave residue on your dishes?

We have the best options for treating your tap water at your home or in your business. Our filtration systems eliminate many of the harmful substances found in tap water, and our Water Softeners remove the hardness from your water that leads to calcium buildup on your fixtures and dishes.  Protect your family’s health by contacting White Water today!

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

We offer Reverse Osmosis Systems for purchase or for lease.  Systems can be set up to a faucet by your sink, lined to your refrigerator, or to a Point of Use Cooler that will cool or heat your water.

Reverse osmosis systems install under the faucet and treat the water before it exits the tap. They remove 99% of all impurities, leaving nothing but pure water.

We offer different solutions for different needs, including 4-Stage Systems or 5-Stage Systems, upgraded tank sizes for high demand locations, sink lines, refrigerator lines, and Point of Use Coolers for purchase or lease.

Water Softeners

We offer sales and installation of Water Softeners.

Water softeners are larger systems that treat your water at the source from the city into your building. Softeners remove hardness (like calcium) from the water so that water doesn’t leave scale build up on any faucet. Pair your Water Softener with a Reverse Osmosis System under your kitchen sink for pure, great-tasting, soft water on demand!


Reverse Osmosis Leasing

Want clean, fresh, great-tasting water without the hassle and waste of bottles?  Tired of lifting heavy 5 Gallon Bottles?  Look no further than our Reverse Osmosis System options for Lease!

Our Reverse Osmosis Systems for Lease come with all the benefits of high-quality purified water on demand, and none of the downsides of maintenance.  Our System Leases come with free routine maintenance: filter changes every 6 months, membrane changes every 2 years, and free repairs for wear and tear for one year!


4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit: $40.00/month

5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit: $60.00/month

Point of Use Cooler**: $20.00/month

(602) 462-5300

*Upgrades available – please speak with one of our technicians for more details

**A Point of Use Cooler is a Cooler System similar in appearance to a 5 Gallon Cooler, but it is plumbed directly to your Reverse Osmosis System.  Point of Use Systems have hot/cold spigots – providing cold water in the summer and hot water for your tea or ramen!



Treat all of the water coming into your home or business with a water softener. This system will remove the large amount of calcium present in your city water supply. With a softener installed, you will never get any scale build up on your faucets again.

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