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5 Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Water System in Your Home

Reverse osmosis is a more convenient and effective way of purifying tap water. Let's take [...]

White Water Announces Partnership with the Arizona Hotshots

White Water has confirmed they will partner with the new Arizona Hotshots Football Team for [...]

Water Drive to Help Raise Money for the Phoenix Homeless

Last Thursday, White Water teamed up with ABC15 for a one-day water drive to help the [...]

2017 Phoenix Marathon

A True Marathon Experience The BMO Harris Bank Mesa-Phx Marathon benefits community wellness through the sponsoring [...]

White Water Hauling Is Now Available

We are excited to offer our new branch of our company called White Water Hauling. Water hauling [...]

PET Plastic Bottles: What is it?

What is PET? PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic resin and a form of [...]

Tips for Boosting Your Energy During the Heat of Summer

The summer months in Arizona are long and draining on our bodies. The truth is, [...]

The Effects of Dehydration

Call it “dry brain.” The moment your noodle feels even mildly parched, a bunch of [...]

Too Much of A Good Thing?

Staying Hydrated in the Heat – Warning! We often hear that we should drink more [...]