The source of our Premium Purified Water comes from the City of Phoenix Municipal Water Supply.

To start the purification process, (Stage 1) the source water is fed into a very large commercial water softener.

The Water Softener Process

The City of Phoenix releases annual Water Quality Reports. You can view the full report by clicking here.

At stage 2, the water from the softener is fed into a mechanical filter to remove any large matter or particles. This filter is metered and is changed whenever the meter indicates the filter is beginning to clog.

Stage 3 is the Reverse Osmosis system filters. The water from the mechanical filter is pumped through the reverse osmosis membrane filters which removes larger particles from the water. The purified water is pumped to our storage and disinfection stages. The brackish non-purified water is discharged into the sewer. 90% to 95% of all minerals and contaminates in the source water are removed during this stage.

Stage 4 is the holding tanks.

Stage 5 (and integrated into Stage 4) is the Ozone and UV disinfection systems that continually recirculate the purified water through the UV system and Ozone storage tank system reducing any microbiological or bacterial organism contamination to zero events or organisms.

Our plant is licensed by the Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services and registered with the US FDA.